Milo here.

MMM’s once again! The swing of things is getting gotten backen into baby!

Today, we’re looking at another rager from Bris bois IDLES (if you can’t tell, I’m pretty keen) in Well Done, from their 2017 debut, Brutalism. Check the video below:

If you’ve read any of my IDLES posts in the past, you’re better off reading something else (like all my other MMMs, c’mon bitch catch up!), because this will be nothing you haven’t heard enthusiastically before. Technically and creatively, it’s no secret that I think IDLES are one of the best bands in the planet right now, and it’s songs like this that go to prove that point. Unlike many of the band’s greatest, the bassline on this song, still vicious, mind, isn’t as much of driving force. Instead, it opts, like much of the instrumentation, to batter the musical space in interspersed strikes, providing a fuller body to the screeching banshees that are Bobo and Lee, while the whining drones and feedback circle the track like noise rock vultures.
Over the this, Joe seethes as he often does, spitting sardonicism like a lairy cobra, with a vicious presence. I think the more overtly wholesome intent and register of JAAOR leads people to forget how menacing the frontman can be when he wants to, and that menace is what make Brutalism such a killer record. However, it’s Jon Beavis, the latest drummer to make me cry while trying to emulate, who’s the real star here. Throughout the track, he really leads the band, with his famously tribal approach to the toms in the verses, and whirlwind cymbals in the chorus. I also loVE the offbeat strikes in the bridge, subtly but crucially supported by choice use of the kick. It’s any IDLES song is going to have you absolute BOUNCING, it’s this one.


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5 thoughts on “MMM: Well Done – IDLES

  1. This was the track that turned me on to them. It floored me and left me wondering if it was more a performance art comedy piece than a serious piece of music. I agree with you on their importance and that they’re just about the best band on the scene and on the ground right now. They sound how 2019 feels

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