Milo here.

You read that right, folks. This heaping pile of trash is going in the bin.

Me and Reuben created Stuff And That almost five years ago now, when we were both only 14 years of age, spending time divulging our opinions on the new Mortal Kombat instead of revising for our GCSEs. We have poured our sanity into this project, moreso than it looks on the surface. However, if you’ve seen our content these past few months (or lack thereof), then you’ll know that we are just not finding the time anymore.

That said, and I’m sure I speak for both of us, it has been so out-of-this-world-extraordinarily rewarding to do this, especially from such a young age. These reviews are written and rewritten to make them the most entertaining as possible, and to see people enjoying them is a feeling that can’t be replicated.

In the end, we published 634 posts, ranging from MMMs and Best Thangs of the Years to failed features like Doppelbängers (whoops) and about a million Chili Peppers articles in a big, purple (and briefly an obnoxious, intrusive red) mess. From my very first review (Reuben’s) to Milo’s, between Marcus’ Nerdy Corner and Christmas-worshiping escapades. And finally, from our multiple Liebster awards (remember them?) to seeing a small percentage of you all engage with little ol’ us, it means so much, and it’s been a good run.

That sense of community is the heart of WordPress and why I think it’s the best platform on the internet, bottom line, cut and dry. It has definitely bled into the DNA of Stuff And That through the links we’ve made and the collaborations we’ve been able to make happen with some fantastically gifted writers. In that vein, we’d like to especially thank Steve (forthedeaf), Jeff (EclecticMusicLover), Jason (‘s Movie Blog), Jade (The U (sorry I don’t know how to do the accent bit)), Elliot (Wildlife & Words), Aaron (KeepsMeAlive), The Well Red Mage, 2loud2oldmusic and the dozens of others who have made these past five years so great — and an extra special thanks for those who so brilliantly contributed to our Best Thangs of All Time series — the stress of which we are still recovering from notwithstanding…

Stuff And That is dead, but long live repress.


That’s right baby, we ain’t going nowhere.

See, we couldn’t just stop writing, now could we? I mean, I wanna make a career out of this shizzle. And Reuben needs to do something with his thumbs to stop the gout from spreading.

In the spirit of that, I’d like to take this time to introduce repress, the cultural coping mechanism; or Stuff And That 2.0 if you must.

We may be ditching the purple (RIP), but repress (no caps when you spell the site’s name) is gonna have all the bullshit you love and more, just under a more professional guise. You see, we started Stuff And That in the midst of our crippling obsession with memes and our friends writing comments about lube and our nans — we kinda distance ourselves from it.

The most exciting thing about repress, though, is that this clean slate is filled with opportunity. We’re paying for WordPress now (I know, it’s extortionate), so that will equip us with what we need to expand our content into a more luxury product — think of this as advent calendar chocolate and repress as the bar of Galaxy you keep under the urn of a loved one.

If you have enjoyed anything we’ve put out in the past half a decade, past quarter of our lives, then you’re gonna love it. This is only the beginning.

We’ll be kicking off the festivities with our highly overdue (some things never change) Top 100 Films/Albums/Songs of the 2010s — they’re the biggest articles we’ve ever done, so don’t slouch on ’em. They’ll all be posted both on Stuff And That and repress, because we’re never ones to miss out on scavenging followers. However, by the start of April, Stuff And That will be no more (I mean we’ll archive it so you can still find our greatest hits).

I guess, if you haven’t picked up on that fact that I’ve linked it throughout, it’s time for the link: DING

We’ll see you there, babs.

While the spirits of writers past live on, floating through the depths and crevices of Stuff And That memory, we acknowledge the valiant li’l writing efforts of collaborators Marcus, David, Cam, James, and Emmanuel. And now, without further adieu:

For the last time, lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


And bringing his very last redundant opinions for scrollers everywhere,


Thank you!
Or should we say sorry… Eh, whatever. Why are you here?

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