Top Eleven Smash 4 Mods – Marcus

So Smash 4 modding is a thing. I’m really into modding games and finding out how they work. As Smash 4 is one of my favorite games ever, when I heard of these mods, I immediately jumped on the modding hype-train. After trying out many, many mods, and even making one of my own, I…Read more Top Eleven Smash 4 Mods – Marcus

Shovel Knight (3DS, 2014) Review

Shovel Knight was one of the few Kickstarter games that actually got funded and released during the Kickstarter frenzy a couple of years ago. Kickstarting games was an excellent way for indie developers to create games and grow as companies by collecting the necessary funds from the community. Many small and unknown developers saw this opportunity…Read more Shovel Knight (3DS, 2014) Review

Top Ten Games, Ever – Marcus

This was going to be my first article on the site, but due to the old, fascist system of Reuben and Milo’s hierarchy and superiority, I was unable to. But now, as their old regime has collapsed at the hands of, well, nothing really, I’m a do this thing! Now clearly you won’t agree with…Read more Top Ten Games, Ever – Marcus

Super Mario Maker (Wii U, 2015) – Review

FINALLY! I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS FOR YEARS! Nintendo has finally released a course editor for their flagship title, Super Mario Brothers. However, they didn’t do it first. There are 2 editors I have played outside of Mario Maker or MM as I’m lazily going to write it from now on. These are Super Mario…Read more Super Mario Maker (Wii U, 2015) – Review

Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon CDi (1993) Sub-Review

SIDE NOTE: This review is actually the reason sub-reviews exist. While I was playing the game (on an emulator, obviously!), my PC decided to crash mid-way through playing. Ok, fine, I guess I’ll carry on from my last save. NOPE! Save corrupted. Great. I don’t think I know enough to make a full review, and…Read more Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon CDi (1993) Sub-Review

Super Mario World (SNES, 1990) – Review

Ah! Another review! Finally. Sorry about the lateness, I’ve had a lot on my plate recently (mostly school and, umm... not much else). But I’m back, Babeh!  As you probably don’t know, I joined this site for one main reason, retro gaming! I love retro gaming mostly because, when I was younger, we couldn’t afford the next…Read more Super Mario World (SNES, 1990) – Review

Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U, 2015) Review

Hai! You may be thinking, “Who’s this joker?  Why is he here?  What’s the dealeo?” My good friend Speedy mentioned that he needed more game reviews on his website. He asked me to fill this gap, and I agreed. This is a sort of ‘trial’ to prove my worthiness for this great undertaking. But enough…Read more Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U, 2015) Review