Warframe (PC, 2013) Review

Set Your Parkour Space Ninja Dreams Free. This is a Warframe review. Or should I say, the grind simulator, from the time I am writing this, Warframe has changed quite a bit and I'm writing while update 'Specters of the Rail' is out. And, by the way, I'm not writing a review of this update.…Read more Warframe (PC, 2013) Review

Skyrim (PC, 2011) – Review

Skyrim is already a game which I class as an all time legend. It's Emmanuel, and I'm here to review one of my favourite, single player, Open-World, RPGs. Skyrim is part of the Elder Scrolls Series which consist of medieval sort of games. The creators, Bathesda also created another series of games, the Fallout franchise,…Read more Skyrim (PC, 2011) – Review

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PC, 2012) – Review

A very popular PC first person shooter: Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game has been around for a while and has just been getting more popular every day, so what is so good about CS:GO? What makes it different from other first person shooters? Is it even fun? Well let's start off with the whole…Read more Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PC, 2012) – Review

Risk of Rain (PC, 2013) – Review

It is I, Emmanuel! Risk of Rain, the action packed, rogue-lite, pixelated, 2D platformer. Incredibly infuriating but ridiculously fun. It has a lot of replayability as you unlock different things throughout playing the game, this can range from unique character classes, catastrophic weapons or perilous creatures which will try to manslaughter you as you try…Read more Risk of Rain (PC, 2013) – Review

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (PC) – Review

It is I, Emmanuel! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft created by Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of World of Warcraft. Hearthstone is a card game, a collecting card game. The amazing thing about Hearthstone is it's system requirements as you don't need a £1000 gaming PC to run it, in fact, you can play it on a…Read more Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (PC) – Review