MMM: (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

Milo here. Rata-tat-tat, the content rolls off, Linda. Today, we're looking at (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding's iconic R&B milestone, released posthumously on the 1968 album of the same name. Check the video below: It may not be the most subversive pick of Redding's tragically cut-short discography, but there's something…Read more MMM: (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

Top 20 Sophomore Albums – Reuben

Yo, this be Reuben. Before we get into this, there's a couple of things I'll clarify, first, a sophomore album is a band's second album for any of you who might not know, and also, unless you already knew, that I'm a rock/metal boi primarily, and although I do listen to other thangs, those are…Read more Top 20 Sophomore Albums – Reuben

SAT500: Best Movie Of The 60s

As well as songs, the 60s also gave us the first inklings of modern cinema -- from which many iconic moments were born. Milo. The Nutty Professor (1963) Let's not talk about the Eddie Murphy one, yeah? This comedy classic starring the master Jerry Lewis will always go down as one of my favourite wholesome…Read more SAT500: Best Movie Of The 60s

SAT500: Best Song Of The 60s

Ah, the 60s! The decade that birthed rock & roll as we know it today -- so many legendary music moments and bands and albums and, most importantly today, songs! Milo. Castles Made Of Sand - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967) Out of all the "essential" artists to listen to (you know, your Beatles and…Read more SAT500: Best Song Of The 60s