MMM: Heaven – Talking Heads

Milo here. Aww a nice one today! It's been a while, eh? Today, we're looking at Heaven, an gorgeous album cut from Talking Heads' 1979 record Fear Of Music. Check the video below: With an emphasis on offbeat sensibilities and left-field musical influences, there's no arguing that Talking Heads are one of the most important bands…Read more MMM: Heaven – Talking Heads

MMM: Search And Destroy – The Stooges

Milo here. More MMMs -- you know the deal, you've seen the signs, it's all there. Today, we're looking at yet another punk standard, in Search And Destroy from The Stooges' murderous third record, 1973's Raw Power. Check the audio below: Hopefully we're all in agreeance that, canonically, The Stooges are the first punk…Read more MMM: Search And Destroy – The Stooges