MMM: Search And Destroy – The Stooges

Milo here. More MMMs -- you know the deal, you've seen the signs, it's all there. Today, we're looking at yet another punk standard, in Search And Destroy from The Stooges' murderous third record, 1973's Raw Power. Check the audio below: Hopefully we're all in agreeance that, canonically, The Stooges are the first punk…Read more MMM: Search And Destroy – The Stooges

RRR: Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song

Yo, this be Reuben. Remember these? That triple R stands for Reuben's Rhythmic Ruckus, my shameless copy of Milo's MMM. I did a couple of these last summer, now I'm thinking why not get back into it, so hey, it's back -- let's see if I can give Milo some competition, eh? And as we…Read more RRR: Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song

The Exorcist (1973) – Review

Someone needs Jesus. Another spooky film, eh? At least it's not another top ten. Indeed, last night I watched The Exorcist, "the scariest film ever made". It was alright, pretty spooks. If you've seen, played or maybe even tasted a "jump scare" video or game, you'd probably seen this lil' minx: You have The Exorcist…Read more The Exorcist (1973) – Review