MMM: Back In Black – AC/DC

Milo here. Perhaps this woulda been a better choice for the return of MMM, eh? Oh well, 3 weeks in and we're on a bit of a role -- let's not push it. We're back in purple (kill me), looking at the hard rock standard, AC/DC's iconic classic Back In Black, from their 1980 record…Read more MMM: Back In Black – AC/DC

MMM: Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

Milo here. And we go again into another MMM! Following the apparent theme of 80s British alt rock this week, eh? Today, we're looking at Joy Divison's pioneering 1980 single Love Will Tear Us Apart. Check the video below: Fun fact, before writing this, I listened to the Fall Out Boy cover of this song…Read more MMM: Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division