SAT500: Best Movie Of The 90s

A fine decade for music, also a great decade for movies -- whoodathunkit? Let us celebrate the decade that gave us shitty CGI and more great Kevin Spacey roles than we knew what to do with -- also Pauly Shore, what was that about? Milo. Fight Club (1999) OO the edgy pick of every 20-year…Read more SAT500: Best Movie Of The 90s

American Beauty (1999) – Review

Roses are red, the age diff. be vast But it's Kevin Spacey And he's havin' a blast. Milo here, making a risk with an edgy limerick. Sure, it might not be the most mainstream/advertiser-friendly way to open an article, but we don't get ad money -- so who gives a shit? In fact, I'm hoping…Read more American Beauty (1999) – Review