Top Ten Most Fun Characters in Super Smash Bros. 4 – Marcus

Bloody hell, it’s been a while since my last post. I have many excuses for my absence, for example, laziness and other things involving being lazy, so hopefully you can forgive me for my sin. Anyway, on to the actual article. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is one of my favourite games of all…Read more Top Ten Most Fun Characters in Super Smash Bros. 4 – Marcus

Neat Games This Month (September 2016)

Yo, this be Reuben. Finally, we can all forget about Milo's story and move on. For good. This is the place to find the best games we've had this month, as we come into the autumn/winter season of gaming, when all the developers seem to go mad and release their games. You'll notice now's also…Read more Neat Games This Month (September 2016)

Top Ten Music Tracks In Video Games – Marcus

So, you may be thinking, “Marcus, why do you always do video game articles, you friggin’ nerd?” The answer to that is, I don’t really listen to music or watch films often, and I really don’t like anime -- and admittedly, I am a bit of a nerd. But, over my many thousand hours in…Read more Top Ten Music Tracks In Video Games – Marcus

E3 2016 Roundup: Incredible Zelda, Weird FIFA, Crap VR and Much More

What about dat E3, den? Yeah, that happened. This week, in fact. I thought I might as well do a lil' article about it. This won't be an information thing totally like Neat Games This Month, but mostly an opinion ting on the things I found interesting in E3. The three things I mentioned in…Read more E3 2016 Roundup: Incredible Zelda, Weird FIFA, Crap VR and Much More

Shovel Knight (3DS, 2014) Review

Shovel Knight was one of the few Kickstarter games that actually got funded and released during the Kickstarter frenzy a couple of years ago. Kickstarting games was an excellent way for indie developers to create games and grow as companies by collecting the necessary funds from the community. Many small and unknown developers saw this opportunity…Read more Shovel Knight (3DS, 2014) Review

Stuff and That’s Best Thangs of the Year 2015

Milo. 2015, it sure was a shame to see you go. You gave us some fantastic movies, great games and some alright music. You were also the year Reuben and I created this mess of a blog, so for that I am sort of-iiiisshhhhhh grateful. Now to you, the person hunched over their laptop wondering…Read more Stuff and That’s Best Thangs of the Year 2015

Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS, 2014) Review

Simple and addictive? The Treble will be mine! Hooray! A review of this! I've been waiting a while to do this review -- or, at least, I've been holding it back for some reason... But, oh well. This delightful game has to be seen to be believed, especially for Americans who probably have no idea what it…Read more Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS, 2014) Review

Gunman Clive 2 (3DS, 2015) Review

More than just brown. I played Gunman Clive back in the last year or two, and it was a pretty good game, albeit small. But yeah, I enjoyed it and it was a good platformer - especially for just over two quid. So I thought I'd get the second one, see if it could, even,…Read more Gunman Clive 2 (3DS, 2015) Review

Top Ten Handheld Games – Speedy

Do you know anyone of the mindset that handheld consoles suck/are for kids only? Well, if you do: first thing tomorrow, punch them in the back of the head. Or, if you are one, punch yourself in the back of the head. Now, I love a good handheld console myself and I spend many hours…Read more Top Ten Handheld Games – Speedy


After this year's E3, Nintendo were, well, how shall I put it... Bombarded? Bombed? Massacred? Pummeled? Yes, pummeled by everyone because apparently their digital event was crap. Apparently, crap beyond compare. Anywhere you looked on the internet, comment sections were filled to the brim with slating comments and a whole lot of hate towards Nintendo,…Read more Nintendo.