Top Fifteen Love Songs – Milo

Milo here. Today is Valentine's Day which can be received in one of two ways. 1. You're single and spiteful 2. You're in a relationship and are about to spend too much money on a fake holiday. As someone in the former category (all those in the latter can f*ck off with your happiness), I…Read more Top Fifteen Love Songs – Milo


MMM: #521 The View From The Afternoon – Arctic Monkeys

Milo here. Dammit, these things are an addiction. If I'm oversaturating y'all with these, lemme know. It's becoming a PROBLEM. Err, anyway. Welcome to another Milo's Music Mayhem, where I check a song and tell you to check a song and we're all just checkin' songs. Today, we're checkin' the opener from Arctic Monkeys' brilliant…Read more MMM: #521 The View From The Afternoon – Arctic Monkeys