RANKED: Batman: Arkham Games – Milo

Milo here, getting just as tired as you are of me writing these damn posts. However, to spice things up (ooh! fragrant!), I thought I'd do a little RANKED post for ya, about video games this time, as well! Lucky you. Put a gun to my head and a feather to my testicles and I'd…Read more RANKED: Batman: Arkham Games – Milo

Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One/PS4, 2015) – Review

Time to even the odds. Speedy's done, what, 3 video game reviews and I've done zilch, zero, none basically. So what better material than the conclusion to probably my favourite game franchise of all time. This isn't the best Batman game, but it definitely isn't the worst, not by a longshot. You can tell this…Read more Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One/PS4, 2015) – Review