Top Ten Comic Book Artists – Milo

Milo here. Damnnnnnnnn!!! Haven't had ourselves a graphic novel article in a while, eh? April/May in fact! Well, I would've reviewed something by now, but I'm reading a real book! With, like, pages n' stuff! I'm proud of myself, to be honest. Still, I knew in my gut that I couldn't, with a conscience at…Read more Top Ten Comic Book Artists – Milo

Top Ten Cult Artists – Milo

If you've been lucky enough to come on this glorious site multiple times, by which I mean please come on our site, you might've seen on our banner some pretty cool art. None of this is mine, Reuben's or any of the other dingi found on Stuff And That. No, no, to do some of…Read more Top Ten Cult Artists – Milo