Neat Games This Month (August 2016)

No Man's Sky (PS4/PC) - Milo For some reason, they ("they" being the powers that be ("the powers that be" being Reuben)) chose me to write about this technical powerhouse. I dunno. Nevertheless, No Man's Sky is a milestone game, undoubtedly. With a procedurally generated universe, by "universe" I mean an actual universe, of over…Read more Neat Games This Month (August 2016)

Attack On Titan – Season 1 (2014) Review

Just to warn the kiddies, there'll be some pretty violent pictures in this review, and there will be SPOILERS. Also, it's an in-depth review (it's over 1500 words long). Recently I've become a little bit of an anime nerd, and so I've been watching more than I ever had before, including this and One Piece (by…Read more Attack On Titan – Season 1 (2014) Review