SAT500: Best Actor of All Time

upon reflection, i kinda wish we did a "best performance" category instead over splitting up gender into 2 shitty categories like we the oscars or something. oh well. Milo. Jack Black I found this category particular difficult to choose, surprisingly, as I usually rank actors on their performances and it was all far too spread…Read more SAT500: Best Actor of All Time

Kingpin (1996) – Review

Ooo'ere! Milo, that's who. I think that's the correct response to "Ooo'ere!". I don't really know. I'm starting to regret putting it in my review, oh well. I've made an executive decision to stop with the "Uncle" Milo bullcrap. You are very, very welcome for that. Alright, time to do some reviewing. This is a…Read more Kingpin (1996) – Review