SAT500: Best Actor of All Time

upon reflection, i kinda wish we did a "best performance" category instead over splitting up gender into 2 shitty categories like we the oscars or something. oh well. Milo. Jack Black I found this category particular difficult to choose, surprisingly, as I usually rank actors on their performances and it was all far too spread…Read more SAT500: Best Actor of All Time

RIP Bill Paxton

Milo here. Looks like today is a very sad one indeed, as it has just broke that legendary actor Bill Paxton has died at the age of 61 after complications during surgery. I've always considered Paxton a favourite actor of mine, thanks to the countless roles throughout his career that will be remembered as some…Read more RIP Bill Paxton

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review

Watch. Sleep. Repeat? Edge of Tomorrow is one of those films that I didn't want to watch enough to see it in the cinema and so got it in Blu-Ray later on in the same year it came out in the cinema. It took me a while to get round to watching it; but it…Read more Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review