SAT500: Best Drummer Of All Time

Ahhhh YESSSSSS. Our primal response to music is the beat -- and these stickmaestros are the best. Milo. Brad Wilk - Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave/Prophets of Rage As a drummer, this was a hard category to narrow down, so I had to go directly for my tippy-toes top, top drummers. For me, Brad Wilk mixes…Read more SAT500: Best Drummer Of All Time

*REBLOG* MMM: Cochise – Audioslave

Do check out this special excursionary MMM, as well as Steve’s Shark Movies Rock-O-Meter on Stuff And That!

Steve For The Deaf

Oioi, it’s Milo from Stuff And That back again for another MMM (or MILO’S MOSHPIT MUTINY AS IT WILL NOW BE KNOWN), which is literally what Steve does but a lil’ more sexually promiscuous. Of course, special thanks to Steve as well for suffering *this fool* gladly. Or reluctantly…

Today, I wanna take a look at Audioslave’s 2002 hard rock smasher Cochise, from their self-titled debut. Roll the clip!

Following the demise of both Rage Against The Machine AND Soundgarden, Audioslave was formed, mixing the sonic firepower of RATM and the vocal powerhousery of Chris Cornell – a supergroup indeed. Their first single, shown here, is a massive song, with Brad Wilk (my favourite drummer of all time) delivering on something unapologetically brash and big, with pounding toms and car-crash cymbals. 
This is coupled with Tom Morello’s huge riff, drawing on his time in Rage but also further into the…

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MMM: #3 Bulls On Parade – Rage Against The Machine

Milo here. *RETROSPECTIVE MILO HERE. THIS IS THE LONGEST MMM TO DATE, NOT REVIEW LENGTH, BUT LONGER THAN USUAL. IT IS FLIPPIN' GOOD THOUGH.* I'm back, guys, but I'm still here wit' ya MMMs -- milking that cow dryyyyyyyyy... Today, we're looking at the highest ranking song of the MMMs so far. My undisputed 3rd…Read more MMM: #3 Bulls On Parade – Rage Against The Machine

RANKED: Rage Against the Machine Albums – Reuben

Yo, this be Reuben. I've never been a massive hip-hop fan, per say, and I often find rap plain annoying. But for some dang reason, Rage Against the Machine just got it right. So right, in fact, that they've got a staple place in my Top Ten Bands. Rage were awesome. The incredible rock quartet…Read more RANKED: Rage Against the Machine Albums – Reuben

Audioslave (Eponymous, 2002) Review

Now this is rock. Audioslave truly is rock; proper groovy, catchy, riff-y rock. It's got the influence from old time classic rock and Rage Against the Machine - which it shares the presence of the guitar genius Tom Morello with. It's band members are, well, Tom Morello, Chris Cornell, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford. They are…Read more Audioslave (Eponymous, 2002) Review