Mastodon – The Hunter (2011) / Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014) Sub-Reviews

Guess who this is? Yeah, it's Speedy. Everyone's favourite, obviously. Anyway, I love Mastodon, as you'll probably know; but what you won't know is that it's all I'm interested in listening to at the moment. So, I've decided to go with the new Sub-Reviews thing - which was my idea, by the way, I'm so…Read more Mastodon – The Hunter (2011) / Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014) Sub-Reviews

Mastodon – Remission (2002) Review

Pretty heavy, huh. Mastodon are a very, very good band, and they're one of my absolute favourites. However, I'm pretty sure 7th in my top ten bands list is too low, and I'm thinking probably it would be more like 5th if I was in the right frame of mind when writing it (but I…Read more Mastodon – Remission (2002) Review

August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places (2015) Review

Can Constellations ever be bettered? Unfortunately, Found in Far Away Places doesn't recapture Constellations' incredible sound; but instead refers to the more bassy sound that Leveler had. But there's some important differences. Well, firstly, the instrumentals on this record are better. They're fantastic. The guitar work's the best it's ever been, certainly, and the drumming…Read more August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places (2015) Review

Soilwork – The Ride Majestic (2015) Review

A Majestic Ride. Soilwork are a fantastic metal band with a fantastic singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer; and in this album they all showed off what they can do. Yes, The Living Infinite was an incredible album, but I think The Ride Majestic is perhaps an even better one. Bjorn "Speed" Strid really is good…Read more Soilwork – The Ride Majestic (2015) Review

Priestess – Hello Master (2005) Review

"Sweaty mammoth balls rock" This album was one I got as a present, after only hearing one song by them. I loved the song I heard, and you wouldn't be wrong in thinking I was very pleased with getting it. The song I'd heard was Lay Down. Lay Down, on, I believe one of the…Read more Priestess – Hello Master (2005) Review

Sylosis – Edge of the Earth (2011) Review

Sylosis again? Who are these people? ... Is what you're probably saying. But what the heck, here's another review of another of this stellar band's albums. Edge of the Earth is the earliest Sylosis record I've listened to - considering it was released in 2011, it isn't actually very long ago, but yeah. It shows…Read more Sylosis – Edge of the Earth (2011) Review

Alice in Chains – Black Gives Way to Blue (2009) Review

One word. Bass. I've only recently got into Alice in Chains, only in the last couple of months. But I've now got three of their albums. They're a good band. I was impressed by them at first with the great The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, and now I love them. Maybe it's just that I've…Read more Alice in Chains – Black Gives Way to Blue (2009) Review

Audioslave (Eponymous, 2002) Review

Now this is rock. Audioslave truly is rock; proper groovy, catchy, riff-y rock. It's got the influence from old time classic rock and Rage Against the Machine - which it shares the presence of the guitar genius Tom Morello with. It's band members are, well, Tom Morello, Chris Cornell, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford. They are…Read more Audioslave (Eponymous, 2002) Review

The White Stripes – Elephant (2003) – Review

I can't think of an opening sentence. It would usually be something along the lines of "Recently, I..." or, perhaps, "Seeing that...". I have developed some sort of format for opening sentences but I don't want to follow that because it gets a bit samey. There's no reason for this review. I was just a…Read more The White Stripes – Elephant (2003) – Review

Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire (1996) Review

I'd prefer a nice empire. Oh boy. Rage Against the Machine. They're the best. Well, maybe not the best; but one of the best. Rap, metal and rock all in one insane riff-filled package: that is Rage Against the Machine's music. This, Evil Empire, is the album that properly got me into them; as before…Read more Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire (1996) Review