SAT500: Done.

Milo here. How about that. 31 days, 51 posts, ALL OF THE THANGS. This has sucked the complete life out of me but I'm so glad we've done it -- what a wonderful, if redundant, achievement. However, this isn't about Stuff And That. I'd like to dedicate this post to absolutely amazing cast of writers…Read more SAT500: Done.

100! No, wait. 101!

Milo here. Way-hay! We've gone and done gotten 101 flippin' followers! Great big cheers n that to all the dinguses that have liked, commented and read any of our crap and thought "Alright, these guys aren't completely detestable". I can't really think of anything else to do or say really. I have to say extra…Read more 100! No, wait. 101!

Lil’ bit o’ love fo’ our 50 falawas.

Milo here. So, I know this may seem laughable, but we've reached 50 followers. In light of that shizzle, I'd, and Reuben probably would as well, like to show a little bit of love to all of the people, new and old, who've read, hated, tolerated, perhaps been a little bit aroused by all the…Read more Lil’ bit o’ love fo’ our 50 falawas.