Best Songs of 2018 – Milo.

Milo here. And so, 2018 is behind us (well, it's behind you, I'm writing this in December), and we're bollocks deep in the end-of-year roundups. We've got some lovely stuff coming up but I figured we'd kick things off with a look back at the year in bangers and tracks. I've been keeping tabs on…Read more Best Songs of 2018 – Milo.

SAT500: Best Song Of The 80s

We had the synths, we had the hair, we had the Shakin' Stevens. I mean, it was the gold standard of culture. Milo. Debaser - Pixies (1989) Fun fact, I thought that 1979's Rapper's Delight was 1980 -- imagine my shock and disappointment in myself. However, it ain't all bad because now this iconic…Read more SAT500: Best Song Of The 80s

Top Fifteen Love Songs – Milo

Milo here. Today is Valentine's Day which can be received in one of two ways. 1. You're single and spiteful 2. You're in a relationship and are about to spend too much money on a fake holiday. As someone in the former category (all those in the latter can f*ck off with your happiness), I…Read more Top Fifteen Love Songs – Milo