SAT500: Best Movie Of All Time

Often regarded as the BIG ONE, this MASSIVE CATEGORY is MASSIVE and BIG -- it'sa BIGGUN', MATE. Milo. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010) You know those total NOIDS who can recite Monty Python word-for-word? Well -- "Not so long ago in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada, Scott Pilgrim was dating a high-schooler..." --…Read more SAT500: Best Movie Of All Time

Rush Hour 3 (2007) Review

They Still Got It, Or... Had It Yo, this be Reuben. Yeah, that's right. I'm back, and I'm a relatively happy lil' man. Milo's been keeping this site rolling like a mongoose on stilts on the eve of Thanksgiving with even a review of Silver Linings Playbook -- who'd a thunk it? I'm back now,…Read more Rush Hour 3 (2007) Review

Soylent Green (1973) Review

I'd like to say first that somehow I didn't know what Soylent Green was about before I watched it last night, and I won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't know and is considering watching it. It turns out it's a bit horrible, really. It's not really a horror film, but just a creepy sci-fi…Read more Soylent Green (1973) Review