Tank Girl One (Remaster) (2009) – Sub-Review

Tank You Very Much. Milo here. Goddamn! That tagline was tits. I apologise. Anyway, I thought I do a little graphic novel review for y'all, considering I haven't done one for a few months and, hey! Look at that! It isn't a flippin' Batman one! Let's get a little bit of background on this ting.…Read more Tank Girl One (Remaster) (2009) – Sub-Review

Sin City Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye – Review

Is That All You Got, You Pansies? Milo here, getting excited because of reasons that I'll keep from you because a-haha a-hahaha. The Sin City series of books are a series of books I've intended to get my meaty paws on for a good while now. The famed art direction of the books and films…Read more Sin City Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye – Review

One-Punch Man – Volume 1 (ONE/Yusuke Murata) Review

You're thinking Stuff and That's becoming an anime/manga appreciation site now, aren't you. Well, never fear, One-Punch Man is actually badass and there's gonna be a couple of non-Japanese entertainment related posts to come in the next few days - so don't be gettin' all "This site's not for me" on us. One-Punch Man is actually…Read more One-Punch Man – Volume 1 (ONE/Yusuke Murata) Review

Fairy Tail – Volume 1 (Hiro Mashima) Review

Side note: I told you 2016 might be the year I do graphic novel reviews, didn't I? Well, sorry, but not yet. This isn't really a graphic novel, more a comic book - or manga, no less. This is the first comic review, though, so have fun reading its crap-ness. Some people may say Fairy Tail sucks,…Read more Fairy Tail – Volume 1 (Hiro Mashima) Review

Kick-Ass (2010) – Review

THIS IS THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, NOT THE MOVIE. I have mentioned this before (see Mars Attacks Judge Dredd Review) for it's art but Kick-Ass, the lovechild of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., has so many other strong qualities going for it. The writing is witty yet realistic, the violence, oh the violence, will have…Read more Kick-Ass (2010) – Review