SAT500: Best Action Movie Of All Time

Heyo! For some, cherished cinematic memories are ellicited when they hear the words "There's no place like home". For others, it's "Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho". Three guesses who we're targeting here. Milo. The Matrix (1999) For me, the Wachowski's debut magnum opus is one of the best movies ever made.…Read more SAT500: Best Action Movie Of All Time

Die Hard (1988) – Review

As we come nearer and nearer to everyone's favourite snow-drenched, gluttony-embracing holiday, I'd think I'd kick off the jubilation with my first proper review in a good month or so. And what film better to do that than with Die Hard. Although technically a Christmas film, there isn't necessarily a designated time for this one. So…Read more Die Hard (1988) – Review