Happy Birthday To Us, Boiii!

Milo here. Indeedly do, our precious, babbling, window-licking baby Stuff And That has turned 2 today! Over these 2 years we have published 346 articles, gained a little under 150 followers (makes it sound bigger) and have killed three men in the heat of battle. Seeing as though we're ran sh*t out of ideas for…Read more Happy Birthday To Us, Boiii!

Happy Birthday To Us, Suckas.

Yea. Boi. Today marks Stuff and That's 1st Birthday and that's a sorta kinda achievement, if I (Reuben) don't say so myself, because it means we've reached a point where we can say, yeah, I guess we're pretty dedicated to this website. I guess we didn't abandon it after all! Hopefully, we never abandon this…Read more Happy Birthday To Us, Suckas.