Watchmen (1987) – Review

*Insert Joke About Blue Wang Here* Milo here, still recovering from that CGI blue wang. I was gonna start by apologising for all the Korn love lately from ol' Reubey-Toobs, but it seems you're all in the same boat, Jason, Mage, so I'll guess I'll shut up. On the other hand, I think Korn are…Read more Watchmen (1987) – Review

Watchmen (2009) – Review

I Watched The Watchmen. Or Ain't No Thang But A Blue Wang. That's right, I've got two taglines today. Milo here, just getting my blue wang out. Oh Zack Snyder, oh sweet, monochrome Zack Snyder, what happened, boyo? You used to be really good. Well, you used to pretty good. I haven't yet seen the…Read more Watchmen (2009) – Review

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Edition (Xbox One/PS4, 2013) – Review

I think it's rather fitting that the last game review I wrote was think of Crackdown 2, a fun game with a crap aesthetic, because this was pretty similar, just so darn better. Anyone with more than 3 brain cells and slight knowledge of video games will know that Saints Row has been getting more…Read more Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Edition (Xbox One/PS4, 2013) – Review