Top Ten Animated Movies (Redux) – Milo

Milo here. One of my most cherished writing memories, one that I like to reminisce upon the most, came while Stuff And That was still a babbling, sickly, poorly written, THOUGH TOTALLY UNDERAPPRECIATED AMIRITEEEE, disgusting, amateur baby. Gee, how the times have changed. He said sarcastically. Still, this was when I wrote my original Top…Read more Top Ten Animated Movies (Redux) – Milo

Top Ten Animated Movies – Milo

Yesterday, in my Big Hero 6 review, I hinted at this. I wasn't really intending for this to actually become a thing, yet I was bored and I thought; "I know! I hinted at a Top Ten, so I'll do one!" No, not "do one" as in do one, "do one" as in do a…Read more Top Ten Animated Movies – Milo