Deathstroke Vol. 1: Gods Of War (2015) – Review

More Like Gods of Mooooorrrre! Milo here, adorning my bestest eye patch. Over the past two-three years, DC have been putting out a select few Book and Mask sets for some of their New 52 titles. Me, being the sucka for collectables I am, have been lapping them up since Christmas, when I got Death…Read more Deathstroke Vol. 1: Gods Of War (2015) – Review


RANKED: Batman: Arkham Games – Milo

Milo here, getting just as tired as you are of me writing these damn posts. However, to spice things up (ooh! fragrant!), I thought I'd do a little RANKED post for ya, about video games this time, as well! Lucky you. Put a gun to my head and a feather to my testicles and I'd…Read more RANKED: Batman: Arkham Games – Milo

Suicide Squad (2016) – Review

Hijinx Aplenty. K guys, I've caught up now. I've seen it. I've seen Suicide Squad. I've seen the bastard spawn of all that is unholy. The disappointing mess that is up for contention as the worst film of the year. I witnessed the movie equivalent of the holocaust. Spoiler alert, however, it's not that bad.…Read more Suicide Squad (2016) – Review