Best Songs of 2018 – Milo.

Milo here. And so, 2018 is behind us (well, it's behind you, I'm writing this in December), and we're bollocks deep in the end-of-year roundups. We've got some lovely stuff coming up but I figured we'd kick things off with a look back at the year in bangers and tracks. I've been keeping tabs on…Read more Best Songs of 2018 – Milo.

Doppelbängers #1: Freedom

Milo here. BOIIII NEW SERIESS ALERTTTTT. This is the series that I been cheekily teasing since July and if there's one thing for *sure* -- it's gonna be wildly underwhelming. It's kinda like MMMs but more gimmicky -- what fun! Essentially, Doppelbängers was a series borne out of a pun and fleshed into something resembling…Read more Doppelbängers #1: Freedom

SAT500: Best Album Of The 60s

The decade that housed the birth of modern music -- damn I was born in the wrong generation (please accept me.). Milo. Are You Experienced - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967) All the images conjured up in your mind when someone brings up the 60s  -- the hippies, the acid, the peace and love --,…Read more SAT500: Best Album Of The 60s

SAT500: Best Guitarist Of All Time

Forever the favourite stringed instrument -- guitarists are cool, this is a fact. The coolest? Well, FIND OUT SUCKA. Milo. John Frusciante - Red Hot Chili Peppers/Solo All things considered, guitars are still a mystery to me, generally. I've had a couple of gos at learning but I just can't wrapped my head around it…Read more SAT500: Best Guitarist Of All Time