Top Ten Sci-Fi Films – Reuben

Yo, this be Reuben. I felt like writing something, but I didn't want to write about music again, so here, have a crappy movie post. Looking back, I've only actually written two film-related top tens for this website, and that just ain't enough. So, to bump that number up to three for y'all, I thought…Read more Top Ten Sci-Fi Films – Reuben

Star Wars: the Force Awakens (2015) – Milo’s Review

This is the big one of the year. So big, in fact, that Speedy said he was going to do a review of it for himself, once he's seen it. Before you inevitably scroll down for fear of spoilers, I solemnly swear to try my hardest to avoid them. By the way, Merry Christmas, ya…Read more Star Wars: the Force Awakens (2015) – Milo’s Review