The Martian (2015) – Review

This wasn't really on my "I have to watch this movie immediately or I will start biting things" list. However, if hadn't seen it, I wouldn't be writing this review. So just assume that I've seen it, kay? Gosh, don't have to take such a 'tude with me. Okay, let's start with the story. The…Read more The Martian (2015) – Review

Fant4stic Four? (2015) – Review

I was never really excited for this film. Deep down, I thought this was going to be great but I was reluctant due to the mahussive let downs the 2005 and 2007 films were. They were so bad I hated them before I knew what a bad film was. Moreover, I was never overly fond…Read more Fant4stic Four? (2015) – Review