The Rock-O-Meter. (SteveforTheDeaf Guest Article)

Hey Stuffies! Yo Ampersandoids! ‘Sup Thatters! SteveForTheDeaf here. Riding the crossover from my song a day page Steve For The Deaf right over to the youthful and enthusiastic Stuff And That to turn your heads onto some Stuff (and That) which I think you might like. Milo is going over to SFTD to work around…Read more The Rock-O-Meter. (SteveforTheDeaf Guest Article)


The Big Catch-Up

Milo here. AYYYYYY! EXAMS FINISHED! WOOO! They were awful. But, I'm back with a vengeance and with a lot to talk about! Indeed, I've been checking out some new tunes and films and stuff in my absence so I best catch y'all up with some mini-reviews. Humanz - Gorillaz (29.04.17) Oh damn! The big top…Read more The Big Catch-Up

Top Ten Movies of 2015 That I Actually Saw – Milo

2015 was a pretty good year, movie-wise. There were a handful of amazing films, a lot of good films and some massive, stinking turds that were wiped rigorously all over our screens and faces, yuck. Being the pleasant, positive, jovial person I am,though , I thought I'd make a Top Ten of the amazing films…Read more Top Ten Movies of 2015 That I Actually Saw – Milo