MMM: Old School – DangerDoom

Milo here. OHH let's get that funky fanfare on it!!! We're looking at Old School, the second single from Danger Mouse/MF Doom collab project DangerDoom's first and only full-length The Mouse And The Mask, featuring Black Star's Talib Kweli, released in 2005. RIGHT. This song gets immediate legend points for the instrumental, which utilises one of…Read more MMM: Old School – DangerDoom

SAT500: Best MC of All Time

A hippidy-hop, I love the raps. Milo. Abdominal NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE LOVE THIS GUY. That's evident from the fact that if you Google him, you get a load of pictures of hunky stomachs -- eurgh. Regardless of this, this Canadian-native is always entertaining, always on-point and consistently both engaging and ridiculously talented. His friendly, approachable…Read more SAT500: Best MC of All Time

SAT500: Best Hip-Hop Artist Of All Time

First up, a li'l apology for the delay for this article's posting, we been busy. Anyway, as a young, hip teen, you must know, I am deeply down with the rap music -- nothing gives me more pleasure than bumping to the latest Drake track. I'M JOKING, MATE. While I'd never listen to that fucking…Read more SAT500: Best Hip-Hop Artist Of All Time