The Culling (Game Preview) (Xbox One, 2016) Review

Live All Your Murderous Rampage Fantasies Here... Yo, Cam here. It's the time of the year again where I write something. The rest of the time I'm either asleep or can't be bothered. Recently I've been playing The Culling (Game preview) for Xbox One, and it's alright. King of the hill games are dominating right…Read more The Culling (Game Preview) (Xbox One, 2016) Review

Titanfall 2 (Xbox One/PS4, 2016) – Review

Big Ass Robots, Mate. Milo here. It's easy to laugh at the military-FPS genre. The overly serious storylines, the generic aesthetic, the 12-year olds that'll shoot you in the head and then scream gay slurs down their mics, classic. However, I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon than turning my brain off…Read more Titanfall 2 (Xbox One/PS4, 2016) – Review

Neat Games This Month (August 2016)

No Man's Sky (PS4/PC) - Milo For some reason, they ("they" being the powers that be ("the powers that be" being Reuben)) chose me to write about this technical powerhouse. I dunno. Nevertheless, No Man's Sky is a milestone game, undoubtedly. With a procedurally generated universe, by "universe" I mean an actual universe, of over…Read more Neat Games This Month (August 2016)

Is Rocket League the Best Free Game on Playstation Plus for the PS4?

SIDE NOTE: I tried this topic on the Push Square forums first to test the waters, and then I wrote a less edited version of what you're about to see on MyIGN; now it's on here. I've edited it to fit to this site, so have fun reading my crap! Howdy folks! ... ... ... Okay,…Read more Is Rocket League the Best Free Game on Playstation Plus for the PS4?

Star Wars Battlefront (PS4/Xbox One, 2015) Review

Screw you, people. I love Star Wars, and I like this game. However, I realise that, yes, it is a little flawed; and I never played the first or the second games of the apparently amazing Battlefront series. Consequently, this review will presumably be a little different from most reviews of this ol' game, or,…Read more Star Wars Battlefront (PS4/Xbox One, 2015) Review

Games Used To Be Better

In recent years, games have been all about their size, online and money making capabilities. There are countless examples as games are often made with a wider, popular franchise in mind, which can attract large audiences of game-players; putting gainings above creativity, size above gameplay, and  online over most things else -- in a world…Read more Games Used To Be Better