Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Review

Or Iron Man 4... Or Avengers 2 and a bit... Or SHUT UP SCARLETT WITCH. NO ONE CARES. Yes, here it is. The latest review of Civil War and most likely the worst. From it's inclusion on my Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2016, I've been looking forward to this one since that ass-kicking…Read more Captain America: Civil War (2016) – Review

Ant Man (2015) – Review

It's about time. It's about time I done a movie review. It's in the description. "He specialises in watching films" is what it says. It's almost been a week since we started this and I haven't wrote Jack about movies. This isn't about Jack though (who's he?) this is about Ant Man and how it's pretty…Read more Ant Man (2015) – Review