Top Fifteen Pixies Songs – Milo

Milo here. Got me a movie whAoHohohO. Except I don't. However, I do got me a list for ya, and that's just as good, no? Especially so, in these times of barren content (it might get better, I make no promises). That said, Pixies need no introduction (though you can bet your ass I'mma give…Read more Top Fifteen Pixies Songs – Milo

SAT500: Best Rock/Alternative Artist Of All Time

Rock is the genre. It's THE genre. I think, through all our differences, we can all agree that rock is ROCK. Milo. Rage Against The Machine (Hard Rock) I MEAN. I. MEAN. Never before has the first listen impact been as destructive and all-consuming as when I first heard Battle of Los Angeles a few…Read more SAT500: Best Rock/Alternative Artist Of All Time

SAT500: Best Song Of The 80s

We had the synths, we had the hair, we had the Shakin' Stevens. I mean, it was the gold standard of culture. Milo. Debaser - Pixies (1989) Fun fact, I thought that 1979's Rapper's Delight was 1980 -- imagine my shock and disappointment in myself. However, it ain't all bad because now this iconic…Read more SAT500: Best Song Of The 80s

SAT500: Best Album Of The 80s

With all this 80s revivalism goin' on right now, it's tough to remember that the decade was more than just neon and synths and, even though there was a lot of neon and synths, music came in big, bad and wonderful forms. Milo. The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden (1982) Right. If you…Read more SAT500: Best Album Of The 80s

MMM: Debaser – Pixies

Milo here. It's a Thursday and you know what that means; it's MMM day. In fact, that's wrong. I don't give a shit about Thursdays and you shouldn't either. Today, we're looking at alt rock pioneers Pixies and one of their landmark tracks, Debaser, from their 1989 release Doolittle. Check the video below: Deviating…Read more MMM: Debaser – Pixies