The Predator (2018) Review

why do they always shoot the predator when it never works why are they all morons stop it Yo, this be Reuben. Shane Black, writer of Lethal Weapon and director of The Nice Guys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, has got his greasy mitts on Predator. This is a franchise that is home to one…Read more The Predator (2018) Review

Mortal Kombat XL (Xbox One/PS4, 2016) – Review

Or How Not To Perform Keyhole Surgery. To stay on this wave of gore released by my review of Deathgasm, I'd thought I'd review something else from my recent blood-soaked birthday and try my hand at reviewing this ting. As a relative newcomer to the world of Mortal Kombat, I didn't really know what I…Read more Mortal Kombat XL (Xbox One/PS4, 2016) – Review