MMM: #394 We Ride Tonight – Priestess

Milo here. I'm in a flurry of new music after a shopping spree of albums, so I need a break with some classics! Today, we're looking at the forgetten gem We Ride Tonight by Canadian stoner rockers Priestess, from their brilliant sophomore record Prior To The Fire, check the audio below: Sound quality of…Read more MMM: #394 We Ride Tonight – Priestess

Top Fifteen Heavy Songs – Reuben

This'll be an interesting list, because I've said Heavy Songs, which could be a lot of things. Basically, I like heavy music. That's pretty much the only music I listen to. So, regrettably there will be limited options for some of my favourite bands, like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Porcupine Tree, and The Mars Volta,…Read more Top Fifteen Heavy Songs – Reuben

Top Five Bands That Need to Stop Lazin’ Around – Reuben

Top Five!? That's like, half the number that's normal! Is this a Top Ten? What's going on??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Never fear, dear readers. This is Reuben speaking, and yes, you can do basic maths. I'm saying it's a Top Ten, so suck on that. I can't be bothered to make a whole new "Top Five" category, because,…Read more Top Five Bands That Need to Stop Lazin’ Around – Reuben

Priestess – Prior to the Fire (2009) Review

Priestess are a good band, I must say. Their first album was a triumph, as it saw the band get global attention in their first attempt -- the success of Lay Down overwhelming. Hello Master brought with it a recognisable, rocking sound, which concentrated on brilliant catchy choruses and used more classic rock styles. However,…Read more Priestess – Prior to the Fire (2009) Review

Priestess – Hello Master (2005) Review

"Sweaty mammoth balls rock" This album was one I got as a present, after only hearing one song by them. I loved the song I heard, and you wouldn't be wrong in thinking I was very pleased with getting it. The song I'd heard was Lay Down. Lay Down, on, I believe one of the…Read more Priestess – Hello Master (2005) Review