Milo’s Mid-Year Music Round-Up 2019

Milo here. So, the beast that is 2019 is half-slain! Good-o good-o. We've had some bigboi announcements in our midst, as well as a good bump of shite in the air, so what better to way to capitalise on that than to make some sweet content. aHA, views bitch. I'm not gonna lie, I saw…Read more Milo’s Mid-Year Music Round-Up 2019

MMM: Don’t Get Captured – Run The Jewels

Milo here. Fuck the slo-mo. Today, we're looking at Don't Get Captured, from RTJ's third full-length. Check the video below: From moment Mike says "go", we're delved deep into a bass-heavy ghost train, with electro-haunted house synth lines ramping up the eerie immediately. El-P's nothing short than a genius on this track, layering an…Read more MMM: Don’t Get Captured – Run The Jewels

SAT500: Best Hip-Hop Artist Of All Time

First up, a li'l apology for the delay for this article's posting, we been busy. Anyway, as a young, hip teen, you must know, I am deeply down with the rap music -- nothing gives me more pleasure than bumping to the latest Drake track. I'M JOKING, MATE. While I'd never listen to that fucking…Read more SAT500: Best Hip-Hop Artist Of All Time