Top Ten Gamecube Games – Reuben

Yo, this be Reuben. At the moment, I'm a relatively happy li'l man because Milo has refrained from throwing his shoe at my balls and another brick in the wall, although it is mock exam week, so, that's fun... Guess I'll let off some steam from that now with a nice li'l top ten. This particular…Read more Top Ten Gamecube Games – Reuben

What About Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, Then?

Yo, this be Reuben. If you're a regular reader, which you probably aren't, you would probably know that I'm a big Sonic fan. I've been playing 'em since I were but a lad and I've enjoyed sprinting around the many different environments Sega have put out there as the good ol' blue blur. Now, since…Read more What About Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, Then?

Neat Games This Month (May 2016) – With Overwatch, One Piece Burning Blood and DOOM Previews

Ones We've Played: Overwatch (PC/PS4/Xbox One) - Marcus After only playing the beta, I can already say that Overwatch is one of my favourite games of all time. I was never really big on the class-based, semi-MOBA style shooters - like Team Fortress 2 for example- so I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. Boy…Read more Neat Games This Month (May 2016) – With Overwatch, One Piece Burning Blood and DOOM Previews

Top Ten Mega Drive Games – Reuben

Mega Drive, eh? That was SEGA! Before we start, I would like to say that I'm not stupid enough to think they're business smart. However, that's by the by, because they've made a lot of great games, and the legacy of the Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn and the Dreamcast all live on today. SEGA are…Read more Top Ten Mega Drive Games – Reuben


After this year's E3, Nintendo were, well, how shall I put it... Bombarded? Bombed? Massacred? Pummeled? Yes, pummeled by everyone because apparently their digital event was crap. Apparently, crap beyond compare. Anywhere you looked on the internet, comment sections were filled to the brim with slating comments and a whole lot of hate towards Nintendo,…Read more Nintendo.

Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS, 2011) Review

Super Monkey Ball has always been one of the game series that, when asked what game series I like, I list as one of them. This is because the first two games were two of the best games on the Gamecube: they were fun, challenging and unique. Super Monkey Ball 3D, however, isn't as good.…Read more Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS, 2011) Review

Sonic Generations (PS3/Xbox 360, 2011) Review

Sonic Generations was a god send to me; it was a mixture of all I loved (and love) from my favourite game franchise in one game, I was very excited to play it for the first time; watching the opening movie made me just want to get into the game and play it. Something I…Read more Sonic Generations (PS3/Xbox 360, 2011) Review