MMM: #788 For The People – Melting Watches

Milo here. Still workin' on some other bits n pieces, so proper reviews are gonna have to wait a few more days, but, hey, we'll always have MMM. Today, we're looking at probably the littlest-known band in my list, Melting Watches and their track For The People, from their 2013 free EP, punc·tu·al. Check the…Read more MMM: #788 For The People – Melting Watches

MMM: #131 Maybe – N*E*R*D

Milo here. Another MMM for y'all because I've got a lot of other shizzle on ma plate at the moment. Don't worry, it's stuff that I'm preppin' for later... Today, we're taking another look at N*E*R*D's brilliant pop ballad Maybe, from their 2004 album Fly Or Die. Check the video below: If you've already…Read more MMM: #131 Maybe – N*E*R*D

MMM: #253 Ace Of Spades – Motorhead

Milo here. Back with another MMM cus it's hot and I don't wanna write long stuff. Today, we'll be checking out the metal standard that is Motorhead's Ace Of Spades. Check the video below: Though the video is horribly synced at parts, we don't really need to watch it, do we? Ace Of Spades…Read more MMM: #253 Ace Of Spades – Motorhead

MMM: #666 Stop Stop – The Black Keys

Milo here. I know! I know! We've already done a #666, so I guess the cat's out of the bag. While I do have an actual ranked list of all the songs that I vaguely like (going up to #801 and counting) from which I pick my songs for MMM on, this list is a…Read more MMM: #666 Stop Stop – The Black Keys

MMM: #167 Walkabout – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Milo here. Dang, it's that time again folks. This time, we going back to that RHCP well once again with an absolute classic from One Hot Minute, Walkabout. Check the audio below: My opinions of One Hot Minute are well-documented on Stuff And That by now. In short, it ain't my favourite. I've always…Read more MMM: #167 Walkabout – Red Hot Chili Peppers

MMM: #806 Suite-Pee – System Of A Down

Milo here. Back with a Milo's Music Mayhem? You know it. Today, we're looking the opener for System Of A Down's eponymous debut album, Suite-Pee. Check the audio below: System Of A Down is probably my favourite metal band, or definitely up there if not, and, with songs like this populating the negative space…Read more MMM: #806 Suite-Pee – System Of A Down

MMM: #521 The View From The Afternoon – Arctic Monkeys

Milo here. Dammit, these things are an addiction. If I'm oversaturating y'all with these, lemme know. It's becoming a PROBLEM. Err, anyway. Welcome to another Milo's Music Mayhem, where I check a song and tell you to check a song and we're all just checkin' songs. Today, we're checkin' the opener from Arctic Monkeys' brilliant…Read more MMM: #521 The View From The Afternoon – Arctic Monkeys