Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I (PS3/Xbox 360, 2010) Review

Inconsistent, a bit odd, but good? *There's a sort of spoiler which is a recurring aspect towards the end of the review.* Sonic the Hedgehog is one of my favourite game franchises around - as you'll know from my opinion article a few weeks ago on the whole thing, and used to be my absolute favourite until…Read more Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I (PS3/Xbox 360, 2010) Review

Star Wars: the Crap Awakens?

With the Christmas season pretty much here, so is the Star Wars one; and the Christmas day equivalent of the Star Wars season this year is the release of Episode VII: the Force Awakens. Now, as you might already know, I'm a huge fan of the sci-fi, laser and lightsaber filled amazing cheese-fest that is the Star…Read more Star Wars: the Crap Awakens?

Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS, 2014) Review

Simple and addictive? The Treble will be mine! Hooray! A review of this! I've been waiting a while to do this review -- or, at least, I've been holding it back for some reason... But, oh well. This delightful game has to be seen to be believed, especially for Americans who probably have no idea what it…Read more Nintendo Pocket Football Club (3DS, 2014) Review

Godzilla (2014) Review

*This review contains spoilers. Sorry.* Godzilla, eh? Oh yeah, that film, the one that wasn't that great and everyone sort of forgot about, right? Yeah, sort of - though it did get some serious slating from a certain someone. Nonetheless, I got it on Blu-ray, I think, last Christmas, and I hadn't watched it, and…Read more Godzilla (2014) Review

Mastodon – The Hunter (2011) / Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014) Sub-Reviews

Guess who this is? Yeah, it's Speedy. Everyone's favourite, obviously. Anyway, I love Mastodon, as you'll probably know; but what you won't know is that it's all I'm interested in listening to at the moment. So, I've decided to go with the new Sub-Reviews thing - which was my idea, by the way, I'm so…Read more Mastodon – The Hunter (2011) / Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014) Sub-Reviews

Mastodon – Remission (2002) Review

Pretty heavy, huh. Mastodon are a very, very good band, and they're one of my absolute favourites. However, I'm pretty sure 7th in my top ten bands list is too low, and I'm thinking probably it would be more like 5th if I was in the right frame of mind when writing it (but I…Read more Mastodon – Remission (2002) Review

Seven PS4 Games I Want – Speedy

I'm a fan of Sony's PlayStation line of consoles, and have spent many a hundred hours on the PS2 and the PS3 (namely the PS3). There are reasons, though, that I spend so much time on them rather than its Nintendo or Microsoft counterparts. Well, firstly, every Nintendo console to date is already in my…Read more Seven PS4 Games I Want – Speedy

August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places (2015) Review

Can Constellations ever be bettered? Unfortunately, Found in Far Away Places doesn't recapture Constellations' incredible sound; but instead refers to the more bassy sound that Leveler had. But there's some important differences. Well, firstly, the instrumentals on this record are better. They're fantastic. The guitar work's the best it's ever been, certainly, and the drumming…Read more August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places (2015) Review

The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug (2013) Review

Smaug steals the show. Before you read this, note that it is a review I wrote much earlier this year, so the writing may not be fantastic; but I have edited through it and tried to improve it as much as possible, so enjoy! After watching various impressive trailers of the film, I expected great…Read more The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug (2013) Review

Spectre (2015) Review

James Bond is back -- in pog form! I like James Bond. Skyfall was brilliant, and so was Casino Royale, with Skyfall getting into the shortlist for my top ten films list; and Casino Royale isn't far off its fantastic quality. Daniel Craig does a great Bond, and he never fails to deliver at the…Read more Spectre (2015) Review