Far Cry 5 (Xbox One/PS4, 2018) – Review

A wretch like me. Milo here. WOaH! A game review?! Damn, haven't seen one of these in a while, eh? I tried writing one for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War a few weeks ago but gave up due to writer's block -- let's see if this one's more successful... With a lifespan of 14 years and…Read more Far Cry 5 (Xbox One/PS4, 2018) – Review

Risk of Rain (PC, 2013) – Review

It is I, Emmanuel! Risk of Rain, the action packed, rogue-lite, pixelated, 2D platformer. Incredibly infuriating but ridiculously fun. It has a lot of replayability as you unlock different things throughout playing the game, this can range from unique character classes, catastrophic weapons or perilous creatures which will try to manslaughter you as you try…Read more Risk of Rain (PC, 2013) – Review