SAT500: Best Musical/Music Movie of All Time

A divisive genre for sure, injecting a lil' song n' dance into our movies is hardly a bad thing... is it? Nah, definitely not... Milo. Little Shop Of Horrors (1986) Funnily enough the only proper "musical" in my picks, despite the fact that Rocky Horror's one of my favourite movies of all time (three guesses…Read more SAT500: Best Musical/Music Movie of All Time

The Rock-O-Meter. (SteveforTheDeaf Guest Article)

Hey Stuffies! Yo Ampersandoids! ‘Sup Thatters! SteveForTheDeaf here. Riding the crossover from my song a day page Steve For The Deaf right over to the youthful and enthusiastic Stuff And That to turn your heads onto some Stuff (and That) which I think you might like. Milo is going over to SFTD to work around…Read more The Rock-O-Meter. (SteveforTheDeaf Guest Article)