SAT500: Best Song Of The 60s

Ah, the 60s! The decade that birthed rock & roll as we know it today -- so many legendary music moments and bands and albums and, most importantly today, songs! Milo. Castles Made Of Sand - The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967) Out of all the "essential" artists to listen to (you know, your Beatles and…Read more SAT500: Best Song Of The 60s

Top Fifteen Love Songs – Milo

Milo here. Today is Valentine's Day which can be received in one of two ways. 1. You're single and spiteful 2. You're in a relationship and are about to spend too much money on a fake holiday. As someone in the former category (all those in the latter can f*ck off with your happiness), I…Read more Top Fifteen Love Songs – Milo