Stuff And That’s Best Thangs Of The Year: Volume II – Game.

Here we go. Milo here. We are in the midst of our Best Thangs Of The Year here at Stuff And That and it's time to talk about those video games we all love to love. 2016 has seen the release of plenty of quality games and some much anticipated ones, not naming any guardians.…Read more Stuff And That’s Best Thangs Of The Year: Volume II – Game.

Titanfall 2 (Xbox One/PS4, 2016) – Review

Big Ass Robots, Mate. Milo here. It's easy to laugh at the military-FPS genre. The overly serious storylines, the generic aesthetic, the 12-year olds that'll shoot you in the head and then scream gay slurs down their mics, classic. However, I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon than turning my brain off…Read more Titanfall 2 (Xbox One/PS4, 2016) – Review

Games Used To Be Better

In recent years, games have been all about their size, online and money making capabilities. There are countless examples as games are often made with a wider, popular franchise in mind, which can attract large audiences of game-players; putting gainings above creativity, size above gameplay, and  online over most things else -- in a world…Read more Games Used To Be Better