SAT500: Best Guitarist Of All Time

Forever the favourite stringed instrument -- guitarists are cool, this is a fact. The coolest? Well, FIND OUT SUCKA. Milo. John Frusciante - Red Hot Chili Peppers/Solo All things considered, guitars are still a mystery to me, generally. I've had a couple of gos at learning but I just can't wrapped my head around it…Read more SAT500: Best Guitarist Of All Time

Black Sabbath (Eponymous, 1970) Review

Without Warning, The Wizard Walks By. Yo, this be Reuben. Bear in mind this before you read this review. I'm 15, and I'm reviewing an album from 1970, so the details might be a bit rusty and I might accidentally write some Sabbath blasphemy along the way, but... Oh well, if you want to know…Read more Black Sabbath (Eponymous, 1970) Review