Top Ten Games, Ever – Marcus

This was going to be my first article on the site, but due to the old, fascist system of Reuben and Milo’s hierarchy and superiority, I was unable to. But now, as their old regime has collapsed at the hands of, well, nothing really, I’m a do this thing! Now clearly you won’t agree with…Read more Top Ten Games, Ever – Marcus

Top Five Bands That Need to Stop Lazin’ Around – Reuben

Top Five!? That's like, half the number that's normal! Is this a Top Ten? What's going on??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Never fear, dear readers. This is Reuben speaking, and yes, you can do basic maths. I'm saying it's a Top Ten, so suck on that. I can't be bothered to make a whole new "Top Five" category, because,…Read more Top Five Bands That Need to Stop Lazin’ Around – Reuben

Top Ten Mega Drive Games – Reuben

Mega Drive, eh? That was SEGA! Before we start, I would like to say that I'm not stupid enough to think they're business smart. However, that's by the by, because they've made a lot of great games, and the legacy of the Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn and the Dreamcast all live on today. SEGA are…Read more Top Ten Mega Drive Games – Reuben

Top Ten Movies of 2015 That I Actually Saw – Milo

2015 was a pretty good year, movie-wise. There were a handful of amazing films, a lot of good films and some massive, stinking turds that were wiped rigorously all over our screens and faces, yuck. Being the pleasant, positive, jovial person I am,though , I thought I'd make a Top Ten of the amazing films…Read more Top Ten Movies of 2015 That I Actually Saw – Milo

Top Ten Comic Book Films – Milo

I love movies. I also equally love superheroes. Imagine growing up in a world where there is a (usually) top quality superhero movie out every year. Oh wait! I don't have to. I live in that world and, although it would be nice to see the box office offer up more original films, there is nothing…Read more Top Ten Comic Book Films – Milo

Top Ten Handheld Games – Speedy

Do you know anyone of the mindset that handheld consoles suck/are for kids only? Well, if you do: first thing tomorrow, punch them in the back of the head. Or, if you are one, punch yourself in the back of the head. Now, I love a good handheld console myself and I spend many hours…Read more Top Ten Handheld Games – Speedy

Top Ten Metal Albums – Speedy

I like metal, and I'm pretty sure it's liked me... Alright, School of Rock reference aside; I really do like metal, and it's fast becoming my favourite genre -- with it's knee-thump provoking heavy riffs, power chords, drums and mad screaming. There's one rule for this list, though, an album can only be in it…Read more Top Ten Metal Albums – Speedy

Top Ten TV Shows – Speedy

Good ol' TV. It's good to have a TV in your living room, because it means that you can watch the great shows that are on it. Well, I wouldn't say all the TV shows I've seen are 'great', but, there's quite a large proportion of them over the years that make for a good…Read more Top Ten TV Shows – Speedy

Top Ten Bands that do Music – Speedy

Howdy folks, I'm back. Back from what, you say? A two week camping holiday. Yeah. And get this. I'm doing the same Top Ten Milo did a while ago. But Speedy edition. I like music, and there are a lot of bands around the world that play it; some play it well, some don't. This…Read more Top Ten Bands that do Music – Speedy

Top Fifteen Male Movie Badasses – Milo

No! Don't leave immediately because of the exclusion of females! There will be a seperate list for them so they all get the recognition they deserve. These are the men of cinema that kick ass. They cause pain in those that are against them and they do it in a way that makes moviegoers go "oooh!…Read more Top Fifteen Male Movie Badasses – Milo