SAT500: Best Comedy Movie Of All Time

maybe some funny films might take the edge off all the writing - ALL THE WRITING. Milo. Hot Fuzz (2007) It's a testament to how much I love Edgar Wright that 3/5 of my favourite films are directed by him. On a constant seesaw with it's zombie counterpart, I often come back to this one…Read more SAT500: Best Comedy Movie Of All Time

SAT500: Best Movie Of The 90s

A fine decade for music, also a great decade for movies -- whoodathunkit? Let us celebrate the decade that gave us shitty CGI and more great Kevin Spacey roles than we knew what to do with -- also Pauly Shore, what was that about? Milo. Fight Club (1999) OO the edgy pick of every 20-year…Read more SAT500: Best Movie Of The 90s

Wayne’s World (1992) Sub-Review

"Stupid in the best way possible" 2016, eh? It's weird to think 2006 was ten years ago. I may have woken up at about half two this afternoon, but staying up late was worth it because in the middle of it all was Wayne's World. Funnily enough, I'd never before watched it, so I was…Read more Wayne’s World (1992) Sub-Review