RANKED: Just Cause Series – Milo

Milo here. Oo goddamn, haven't had a gaming post on here for a good while, eh? Or a RANKED? Or something that isn't an MMM? Well, seeing that I've got a bit of time to kill on this Saturday night (I'm really cool), and I've just finished the latest in this series, I figured, instead…Read more RANKED: Just Cause Series – Milo

Skate 3 (Xbox 360/PS3, 2010) – Review

Wicked Sick! Milo here. As you'll know from my voluptuous figure and overall "cannot-be-assed" attitude to life, I'm no hot stuff when it comes to the athletic scene. So, it's a good thing that I can disguise this self-disgust whenever I pick up my controller and pop on a "sports" game. I could be a…Read more Skate 3 (Xbox 360/PS3, 2010) – Review

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360/PS3, 2010) – Review

Yeehaw and so on and so forth. Milo here, being a darn tootin' sonuvagun. Rockstar are pretty flippin' good, 'in't they? Creators of such acclaimed games like Beaterator and Table Tennis, as well as a lil' series called Grand Theft Auto, they have been at the forefront of the game industry and a phat target…Read more Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360/PS3, 2010) – Review

RANKED: Batman: Arkham Games – Milo

Milo here, getting just as tired as you are of me writing these damn posts. However, to spice things up (ooh! fragrant!), I thought I'd do a little RANKED post for ya, about video games this time, as well! Lucky you. Put a gun to my head and a feather to my testicles and I'd…Read more RANKED: Batman: Arkham Games – Milo

Top Ten Vidja Games – Milo

This list's main purpose is to knock down Cam's anime review off of the top of the page because it looks a bit perverse and that could turn people off. We don't want people to open up the site, be confronted with a wondrously jiggly individual and go "Waaaaaiiiiiiiit just a minute, this website doesn't…Read more Top Ten Vidja Games – Milo

Stuff and That’s Best Thangs of the Year 2015

Milo. 2015, it sure was a shame to see you go. You gave us some fantastic movies, great games and some alright music. You were also the year Reuben and I created this mess of a blog, so for that I am sort of-iiiisshhhhhh grateful. Now to you, the person hunched over their laptop wondering…Read more Stuff and That’s Best Thangs of the Year 2015

Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360/PS3, 2010) – Review

Finally! Now that that horrible business with Cannibal Corpse is finished and unnecessarily documented, we can all go back to normal and do some reviewing! I never played the first Crackdown because, when it came out, I were only a nipper! However, when it's sequel, the imaginatively named Crackdown 2, came out I was a…Read more Crackdown 2 (Xbox 360/PS3, 2010) – Review

Soulcalibur V (PS3/Xbox 360, 2012) Review

Street Fighter 3 again? First of all, I would like to say that Soulcalibur (or Soul) is probably one of my favourite game series, and I have high hopes for every Soulcalibur game I play. However, this sixth installment (yes, I'm counting Soul Edge) in the series and is the weakest I have played. Soulcalibur…Read more Soulcalibur V (PS3/Xbox 360, 2012) Review

Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360/PS3, 2012) – Review

From Square Enix, them guys who did all them Final Fantasies and stuff like that and such and so forth, comes a game that is like all of the JRPGs that Square is known for, except it isn't, at all, in the slightest, I'm using all of these phrases to boost my word count and…Read more Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360/PS3, 2012) – Review

Burnout: Paradise – The Ultimate Box (Xbox 360/PS3, 2008) – Review

You know when you were but a child? You would play a lot, wouldn't you? Yeah? Yeah. You'd have your cars and you'd make them crash and the "boom!" sound with your mouth. Ah good times. Well, seven years ago, developer Critereon made that fantasy a reality, bringing to the world their latest in their…Read more Burnout: Paradise – The Ultimate Box (Xbox 360/PS3, 2008) – Review