So Smash 4 modding is a thing. I’m really into modding games and finding out how they work. As Smash 4 is one of my favorite games ever, when I heard of these mods, I immediately jumped on the modding hype-train. After trying out many, many mods, and even making one of my own, I decided I might as well share my Top 11 Favorite Smash 4 Mods. (All mods are available on

11. Yoshisona

yoshisona fresh.JPG

Probably my favourite Yoshi skin available. This mod kits him out with a brand new green striped jumper, along with some fresh Nikes. Finally, Yoshi mains, your dream of pretending to be a teenager whose parents have a little too much expendable income can finally come true! I know there are so many people who need that.

10. Trump supporter Diddy Kong

r trump diddy.JPG

Okay, I’m not going to express my views on Trump for fear of argument, only commenting on the mod, for the mod. It just seems right for Diddy to be a Trump supporter, and it’s just Hillary-ous to see him in all this new gear. Obviously, this is the only skin I use for ol’ Diddy Kong nowadays.

9. EX Jungle Hijinx

r hijinx.JPG

There are currently 5 EX stage mods available for download, but this one is my favourite. I play Smash in a very competitive way, legal stages only without items. The EX stage mods aim to recreate some illegal stages, in a legal way by removing hazards and other illegal attributes. However, all of them keep the same aesthetic and feel to the stage, making it seem like a brand new stage straight from Nintendo.

8. Grand Dad Mario skin

r grand dad

If you don’t know who Grand Dad is, he is a Mario bootleg character popularised by Vinesauce. This mod accurately recreates our mis-coloured, crappy hero, in a clean fashion that fits right in with the overall style of Smash 4.

7. Ken skin for Ryu

r ryuken

A necessary mod. I was very surprised to see no Ken skin for Ryu when I loaded up that character menu after my DLC purchase, but now I can rejoice as modding has made that possible.

6. Beaty’s Little Mac re-colour

r beaty macs

Beaty is probably my favorite re-colour-er, in that he sticks to one colour set for all his re-colours, light blue and white. The way he implements them onto the existing characters really works well, as they fit right into the rest of the skins. Little Mac is by far the best however, as not only do the colours really fit the character well, it also comes with a hooded version – just for all those mopes who need dat hood.

5. M2Kloud

This skin is based on the popular and rather comical Smash 4/Melee player Mew2King. This skin is for his main in Smash 4, Cloud (weirdly not Mewtwo). It’s such a fun skin to use, as the comical person he is doesn’t translate onto super serious, Cloud Strife, but the result is, well, fun! Best used with the M2Kloud CSS art (a mod that changes the render for the character too)

4. Doc Louis model swap for Little Mac

r louis punch

Hit em, baby!

3. Beverage skins for Captain Falcon

These came in a pack of 8 skins all based on a drinks brand. These are: PEPSI MAN!, Coke, Fanta, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Monster, Arizona and Brisk. Finally, you can represent your favourite soft drink (because obviously we’ve been asking for that for years), and fend off those <insert not-best beverage here> worshiping scum in the only suitable way.

2. Cherry Blossom Dreamland

r cherrydream

OHHH MAN! This stage is beautiful! It just goes to show how much a simple palette swap can do. By far the nicest stage mod out there, and it is done very well, with the colour fitting really well with the stage.

So before we get to my number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

NES Inspired Meta Knight
D-Va suit Samus
Guile’s theme on Suzaku Castle
Any other EX stages

1. Tom Nook skin for Villager…’s flowerpot

r nook pot

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! BRILLIANT! JUST WHAT I WANTED.Throw him off Smashville, Yoshi’s island, or a falling clock tower. Your options are endless. Seriously though, this mod is hilarious; really fun to use, well made, and an unexpected surprise to any of your friends who play Villager, and don’t know about this mod. If you download ANY mod from this list, let it be this one. It’s brilliant.


So that’s my list. Smash 4 modding is great fun and allows you to customise your game in any way you want, and it’s easy to do to boot. The gamebanana community is really nice and help you out if you run into issues. I urge you to try some mods out for yourself.

Insert phrase of comedic value here.


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